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Narodnog preporoda 12
22000 Šibenik, Hrvatska

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New collective agreement
On 6th December 2011 a new collective agreement was signed in Šibenik in the employer's rooms. It deals with rights and duties of the employees and the employer in TLM TVP Ltd.  rolled products factory . With the signing of the new agreement the previous collective agreement and the annex to the agreement, which were signed in 2007 cannot be applied anymore. Features incorporated in the new agreement are increasing the basic employees' wages for 5,3%.

A new  basis for coefficent 1,00 was also agreed, and it is now 2.814,00 kn. The minimal number of vacation days is 20 instead of the the previous 18 days. Proportionally to that increase a day was reduced for the vacation criteria considering age and the lenghth of working years. Other rights and obligations of the employer and the employees remained the same considering the previous collective agreement.

Before the signing of the Collective agreement a meeting between the union representatives on one side and the administration and the board on the other side was held referencing the subject of selling TLM-TVP.

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